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Journal Art Features

Feature #1Below are the awesome people who responded to my Feature Journal so I shall show off their Arts :D
1. :iconshikeleostar:

I chose this piece from his gallery because I like the anatomy and lighting. Also, I wish I had this outfit. 
And the edit:

2. :iconnikana-atsu:

I chose this because a) Groot and b) I really like the detail put into this.
I liked this piece too, because the style is so simple and cute :)

3. :iconadanel:
Since I only had 2 comment on my Feature journal, I chose one of the people I watch to put here as well, because I think these comics need more attention. I hope they don't mind. I chose two comics but there are quite a few in the gallery.

4. :iconta11y16lupus:

I chose this piece because it is an ambitious attempt at lighting, and I like it :)

This is j
Feature #2Time for my second art feature :happybounce:
This journal is more of a Deviant Feature, since I only had one serious comment on my last journal. I really don't mind either since the gallery of this Deviant is absolutely stunning (thank you Farand for suggesting her because I really did enjoy going through her gallery).
The Deviant of this Feature is Daghrgenzeen
It was tough to pick just five pieces from her gallery, so I would highly recommend making a visit to her gallery yourself to see the rest of her works.
Here are the pieces I chose. :D
I won't say anything on these, aside from you should truly read them through, because I do not want to spoil anything about the experience.

She has so many beautiful photographs in her gallery, here are two that I fell in love with.
Feature #3Time for Deviation Feature #3!
Check out these awesome Deviants!!
1. Shikeyy

I like this piece because he diverges away from his comfort zone, and drew an awesome background. :love:
2. Reybon

This piece shows her fantastic grasp of anatomy :D
I will be doing another feature soon with an added incentive...
A Points Giveaway!
I'll explain all the details in my next journal.
For now I hope you all have a fantastic day/night!!! :squee: 
Feature #4Below are the Deviations that were suggested to be featured during my Points Giveaway. :D
1. Endivinity

2. SapphireTheWolf6
3. Ferngirl

4. Meekochan

5. AspieArt

6. Misaki-Moe

7.  ValerieJoyLauria

8. AndyVRenditions

9. TamberElla

Thank you to everyone who participated and suggested deviations for this feature journal. I hope you all have a great day!
Feature #5 - Pokemon!I decided to make a theme for this feature which, naturally, was Pokemon related. Below are the wonderful deviations suggested by people in the comments of my last journal (except for Shikeyy, who gets a shout out for making a piece specifically to be displayed in this feature). :D
1. Shikeyy

2. Neutralas

3. DGCain

4. All-StarWarriors

5. Sumalinara

Please take a stop by these deviants pages to take a look at the rest of their galleries. They all have amazing art and/or comics lying in wait for you to look at and/or read. 
Thank you so much to each of you for participating in this feature! I can't d
Feature #7 - Pokemon ComicsSince nobody suggested any comics, I will pick some myself :stare:
1. Adanel

2. Neutralas

3. FissionBase

4. SillySixShooter

5. DGCain
6. Raycchan
Raylocke Cover by Raycchan
That's all for now. Some of these deviants also have other things in their galleries so it's worth checking them out.
There are a few more comics but I don't want to make this too big. I might post another with more. If you do a Pokemon related comic, let me know and I'll feature you next time. :D
My throat is getting better. :w00t:
Have a good day everyone.
#pokemon #comic #feature #nuzlocke
Pokemon Comic Feature #8Sorry this took so long. I've been really busy lately. Below are some comics suggested to share, all Pokemon related. :la:
1. Quilaviper (suggested by Indigo-Serenade)

2. All-StarWarriors

3. MamaTad (suggested by Adanel)

4. ch-apocalypse (suggested by Adanel)

5. AkirasArtWorld

6. Kisarasmoon

And a special Pokemon Literature Mention!

That's it for now :la:
There are still more I could put on here, but I'll leave it at this for now. If there is a Pokemon Comic/Story you would like me to feature next time, please leave a link to it in the comments.
Have a good day everyone :squee:
Feature #9!I know, it has taken me a while but I'm finally posting it! :w00t:
So, without further ado, check out these awesome deviants!
1. Shikeyy 

2. DGCain 

3. Flare-of-Soul

4. TearsofTurquoise

5. Saracia (suggested by TearsofTurquoise)

6. pkmn-noob 

7. MrIHaveASword 

8. Knochenschleuder (picked by me)

9. Raycchan (picked by me)

10. TheBlackBullets (picked by me)

That's all for now. There are a lot of pieces here. If I said I would feature you and forgot, leave me a comment so I can remember for the next one. I sometimes forget things. :ashamed:
Please take a look through the rest of these awesome deviant's galleries as well. You may find more work you like. :la:
I am currently working on my next comi
Feature #10!Here are the people below who responded to my feature journal a while back. Without further ado, here are the pieces suggested! Click, Fave, Watch these people!Espeon la 
1. nicktheultimate

2. TrainerAshandRed35 

3. DiseasedDoll 

4. Dual-Dimensions (This one is fanart of my comic! :la:)

5. Shikeyy (I lost a bet over this picture :stare:)

6. Foxmisa (suggested by About-Gone)

7. Stump8 

Well, that is all for now! I will probably be doing artist specific features in the future, dedicating an entire journal to one artist. I'll post a journal before I do that to see if anyone is interested, aside from those I am already planning to feature. :la:
Have a delicious night everyone! pokemon gif espeon 
Art Feature #11 - Thank you watchers!I meant to do this yesterday, but got sucked into working on my comic. :nuu:
Here are the fantastic people who replied to my previous journal, and now will be featured! :la:
1. AltairSky (she has an absolutely AMAZING Medabots comic you should definitely go read here)

2. KlutchArt (For something a bit different :la:)

3. BlueBird1789 (is making a fantastic manga)

4. awesomeDragon19 (On the creepy side!)

5. GodlyPikaY (Yay for Pokemon!)

6. Car-lover33 (And another yay for more Pokemon. I love Pokemon)

That is all for this feature! Please keep an eye out if you want your art featured in a future journal! I do these often. Sometimes I pick them out, sometimes I do ones like this where I ask if anyone wants to be featured. :eager:
I ho
Comic Feature!Here is the comic feature I posted about a few days ago! I have taken a break from my crazy kids to make it. :nuu:
Here we go! 
1. awesomeDragon19 

2. Sooty123 (Suggested by Adanel )

3. Sooty123 (a different one Suggested by Adanel)

4. PlatinaSena (Suggested by Adanel)

5. Tailzkip (Suggested by Adanel but I also read it)

6. Cataclyptic (A link to a folder) (coloured version of above)
7. IfDeathhadaCat (Suggested by AltairSky)

8. Summer-Peaches (suggested by AltairSky)

And I'll include a newer page of this one, since the artist style has changed :la:

9. Valronic (Suggested by AltairSky and is a crossover with characters
OC Feature!Yes, I know this has taken me a while to write up! I've been super stressed and busy of late, and just couldn't sit down to do it. But I told you I would eventually! :la:
So, Here are the wonderful OCs people wish to share with you all!
To those who posted more then one, I picked one of them to post. :nod:
1. Ben-Delamore 
Artist Comment: She is sort of reserved and keeps to herself, she's actually quite antisocial. She also rides on the back of a large blue Scytheral (dragon-like creature...)
2. nasexsavkifs 

Artist Comment: This is Ava. She is a succubus demoness. She was originally based off of the Kuroshitsuji-Black Butler manga/anime, but now I see her as more of an original character.
3. Electric-Raichu 
Artist Comment: Jason, from Greek mythology recast in the Pokemon world, with Quil, his Cyndaq




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I've searched around for resources to help my colouring get better. I stumbled across this channel of Michael Russell, a professional colourist who posts a bunch of tutorials and such on how to improve your colouring techniques. It's helped me a bit, and perhaps it can help you. It can't hurt to share :la:…

Not sure if everyone can learn from him, but it's helped me out immensely. :nod:

That is all. Now to make breakfast. Espeon la icon 


CelesteSaatchi's Profile Picture
Celeste Saatchi
Artist | Professional | Varied
About me? Hmm...

I look horrible or moody af in every picture ever taken of me...

I'm an ENTP.

I am super-friendly and I am always up for making new friends. Please feel free to comment or note me if you want to chat. :D

I am a mother of two children... who have officially driven me insane...

I am currently working on a comic project titled "Dark Streets." It is a cyberpunk/sci-fi/fantasy mashup that revolves around the low-life side of a high-tech society. I have a bit of a Synopsis below.

The year is 2234 CE. Humanity has just finished going through an era of great technological advancement and civil unrest. In the aftermath, megacorporations have secretly gained control of world leaders, and use them as puppets to further their agendas. Those in the upper echelon of society live privileged and decadent lives while the rest struggle to find a place in this new world, whether it be working more-or-less as a slave on corporate property, or skirting the edges of society as a criminal.

Meanwhile, sometime during the 22nd century (2100s), a very small amount of people began showing the ability to manipulate the world around them on a molecular level. They are able to super-heat and super-cool particles at a whim to create fire and ice, pull condensation out of the air to create water, charge particles to create electricity, and many other things seen as 'magic' in times past. Called 'heightened" for their heightened abilities, they became highly sought after by both governments and corporations. Many consider them dangerous, and some think of them as the next stage in human evolution.

Life is dangerous in this new world, and those who do not play the corporations games often become pawns in it. It is here we meet our protagonists, and watch as they try to find their place in the ever-evolving world.

That is the premise of the comic series I am currently working on, titled 'Dark Streets'. It is influenced by my love of cyberpunk and sci-fi settings, and there is some inspiration taken from the pen-and-paper RPG known as Shadowrun (which I love). I will be writing up a variety of comic stories that will take place in this world, and revolve around the four main characters you will all meet in the first volume.

The first volume will mainly follow Zachary MacNamara (who is also called Zach Storm by those who know him due to the scar on his face), who is a heightened enforcer and bodyguard for a drug kingpin inside the city of New North Atlantica (A huge, sprawling megacity that now covers over a chunk of what used to be the north Atlantic States and Provinces of the United States and Canada).

My Instagram:

Llama For Llama Stamp by StampMakerLKJ


I just remembered I still have to write up a feature journal. I've been so busy I forgot. I'll do it when I have time... :nuu:
Just a reminder for my 30,000 pageview Kiriban! Screen cap the page for proof! You will get some arts outta me! Explode la plz 
Sneak peek at page 4. I am still shading it, but I'll give you a teaser.

Screenshot (1219) by CelesteSaatchi
I've got a couple of anatomy issues to fix as well. but once this is done, I'll start working on Driker's Ref sheet. And I have to design the futuristic junker car that Zach drives. That's going to be interesting :nuu:
First page of 'Dark Streets - Volume I' will be up on Friday. Not sure the time yet. Probably between 3-5pm PST

I am super excited to share this with you. I can't sit on it much longer. You can already read ahead on my Patreon. 

I won't promise a release schedule yet, but I will aim for Fridays in the future. I have a decent buffer so far.

Also, I sincerely apologize in advance for any feels my prologue gives you. 
I've decided, instead of doing a bust of Driker when I finish this page, I will do a reference sheet. Since people seem interested in picking him or other animal OCs for trades, it makes sense. Then, as I have time, i will make sheets for my other characters.

I will be pushing through on my pages in the next little bit because I've decided to start rolling out my comic in the next couple of weeks. My patrons will see pages as I complete them, and I'll release one page a week everywhere else.


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